Neck Relaxing Pillow

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  Why need to use the Shoulder Neck Relaxing Pillow?

 Although most individuals experience relief and relaxation within 5 - 15 mins, the real magic and purpose of lies in developing a daily healthy habit of use to counteract the negative and detrimental effects of modern life that cause excessive forward flexion of the cervical spine. 

 The increased pressure on your neck caused by dropping your head down to look at your phone, computer, tablet, or e-book reader for hours a day can lead to physical pain, stress, and tension in your neck and shoulder areas.

 It can also lead to abnormalities in your neck curvature and alignment.

By establishing a daily practice of using Neck Pillows for 10 - 15 mins a day, it can help improve and realign your neck and shoulders the way they were meant to be for overall health and wellness.

 It can also help restore and maintain the normal, natural, and healthy C- curvature of the neck.


     For hygienic purposes, use a tissue, thin cloth, or handkerchief to cover the cushion every time you use it, particularly if sharing the device.

     It is also recommended to use a cover to protect the Ultra Comfort Pillow from hair oils or gels.


       The product is not to be used while sleeping or when driving a motor vehicle.


        • Item Type: Neck Pillow
        • Material: Sponge + Plastic
        • Color: Blue + White


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