Cracked-Glass Repair Kit

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No fuss restoration with the Cracked Glass Repair Kit!

 Small damages on our windscreen are a cause for concern for any car owner.

 If not taken care of, these minor cracks and chips can escalate and cost us more than what we expect.

 The Cracked Glass Repair Kit is designed to provide the vehicle owner everything they need to repair small damages on their laminated glass windscreens.

 Its advanced resin formula fills the air cavity, bonding the loose glass and preventing the damage from spreading.

 In a matter of minutes, your cracked windscreen will look good as new!

 Fix cracks or chips on windshields and laminated glass safely, easily and inexpensively, before those cracks grow!

 The glass filler matches the clear optical qualities of glass to create a clear and see-through repair. 


  • Easy to use: Allows anyone to fix a damaged windshield or glass display.
  • Quality Parts: Reinforced injection sealant dispensing head.
  • Single ingredient filler: Eliminates the need to mix ingredients with other kits. No heating required!
  • Specialized Invisible Coating: Creates an invisible coating within your glass to repair damaged automobile windshields or laminated glass.
  • Fast: Glass repairs can be completed in 20 minutes. 
  • Maximum Strength: Powerful filler solution is resistant to future cracks and damages.


    No more waiting and hoping the crack doesn't get worse while you drive! 


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