Smart Bluetooth Earphones Wireless with Built-in HD Mic

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About the Smart Bluetooth Earphones

  • True wireless earbuds, playing at the same time without any wire or using separately.
  • Easy pairing, clicking the power button at the same time for about 3 seconds and connecting automatically.
  • Recharging anytime and anywhere with portable 650mAh charging case support, built-in 75mAh battery of each earbud, up to 4-5 hours playing time.
  • Pure, high-quality sound for compatible devices by equipping with Bluetooth 4.2+EDR chip and stable Bluetooth signal.
  • Wide compatibility, compatible with all the devices which have the function of Bluetooth.


  1. After you received the earphones, please do it with my below steps:
  2. First, you should keep your mobile phone Bluetooth is closed.
  3. Open both earphones at the same time ( long press each earphone about 3-5 seconds, until you see both earphones show blue light )
  4. Wait about 5-7 seconds (do not do anything, because the earphone will be pairing automatically), after, you will see only one earphone flash red-blue light, another earphone light is turn off.
  5. Then, open your mobile Bluetooth, find the name " HBQ-Q18 TWS ", connect it, both earphones will be working together. ( this will cost about 7-10 seconds)

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