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Smart Bluetooth Headphone

  • Built-in HIFI Play module.
  • Support memory space up to 64GB TF card.
  • With 10,000 songs playing in your ears.
  • Support 12 music formats.
  • 3.5N horizontal clamping force.
  • Myosin filament leather ear cushion.
  • Multi-angle adjustable earmuff.
  • 32mm moving coil unit.
  • High resolution, providing a broad sound field.
  • Titanized composite vibrating diaphragm.
  • Dynamic playing, accurate restoring of details.
  • TDDC acoustic system.
  • Expanded bass, double damping, and double back cavities.

Enjoy a hearing feast with the headset

Equipped with MaxWidetheater-level 3D sound effect, rebuild authentic sound field, and restore spatial information 

Active noise reduction, enjoying joviality 

JAKCOM BH2 wireless headset adopts both active and passive noise elimination technologies, leads you into a purer world of music and enjoy a more wonderful musical effect 

Full compatibility and multisource access  

Equipped with the new generation of Bluetooth 4.1 chip with low power consumption. Through Bluetooth, it can be connected to mobile phones, tablet PCs, and desktop PCs. It can also connect with various broadcasting equipment through 3.5mm audio cables. 


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